Guiding through change, opening up new possibilities.

Willing to make a career change, going through difficult times, struggling with emotion management or self-esteem, eager to improve relationships with others, trying to reach effectiveness and flexibility... Coaching and training can help you.

To get there is your project. To guide you through this journey is our mission 

Guiding through change, opening up new possibilities.
Life and professional coaching

Life and professional coaching

Life and professional coaching in Brussels

You are looking for a career change? Part of your life does not meet your needs and you do not know how to initiate change? My role is to help you through this questioning, to build your own solutions, find out the resources you can rely on and carry out your private and professional projects.

As a Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Master Practitioner, I am guided by a humanist vision of coaching, based on non-judgemental listening and a realstic approach taking into account the context of the request for change.

Life Coaching:

Coaching can be of great help in situations such as:

  • Relationship, familiy or professional difficulties
  • Students' learning issues 
  • Desire of a career change
  • Emotion management…

Coaching professionnel :

At a company’s request, I coach individuals or teams in their change journey: project management (project initialisation or execution), time management and personal organization, team management, conflict management, change management, …



We build and deliver tailor-made training programs in French and in English, for private companies, state-owned and non-governemental organizations.

Knowledge transfer is what we are aiming for.


Here are few examples:

Facilitating collective intelligence, Project Management, Team management, Influence with Ethics, Time Management, Meeting Management...



We are passionate about and specialised in project management, collective intelligence, meeting facilitation, individual coaching and team coaching. We provide with expertise, enthusiasm and creativity consulting services to private companies, state-owned or non-governmental organizations, for example to : develop a reliable and sustainable project management system, create communication plans, develop planning and reporting tools, coach project managers and/or project teams, develop risk management competencies, develop collective intelligence based creativity and decision habits, etc…

Zakhia Serhani - UProject

After 17 years as manager in finance and project management in international companies, I took the opportunity of a restructuring program to realize my life and career aspirations. I offer now support to people and companies thru their change journey, using my competencies, experiences and strong belief in humanism.

As Master-practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I have a humanist and respectful approach of coaching, taking into account the values, the natural impulses in life and the overall context of the people that I coach. Furthermore, I use my expertise in project management (I am consultant and trainer in that field, certified Six-Sigma and Prince 2), to help people to drive their projects towards their objectives, while respecting their own pace.

Zakhia Serhani - UProject


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